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No matter what I do they wont stop sending me useless spam. I have already unsubscribed, listed them as spam mail, and added them to the block list and yet I keep receiving mail from them.

I am incredibly frustrated, irritated and annoyed at the emails and the company. How the *** do I get them to stop sending me all these emails EVERY GOD DAMNED DAY!?!?!

This is getting so outrageous.

There are so many reviews online of people saying that they never received the product or that the arrival date was unforgivably late, what makes them think that sending more and more useless emails is going to actually get them any business? If anything, it will have people discouraging others from ever going doing business with them.

Reason of review: Stupid emails I dont want.

Preferred solution: Do society a favor and stop sending these emails.

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Thats true! I didnt receive My package After amonth.

to Mei Singapore, Singapore, Singapore #1025723

Did you receive it meanwhile ?

I guess yes. But your posting stays here forever as not received.

I am buying frequently from this company. Some products are delivered with a week some arrive with a delay.

I received every single which I purchased.

Glendale, Arizona, United States #876461

Respond to the emails with REMOVE ME or STOP

and copy there email address like ten times and then select them and copy theose dozens and dozens of times, only sending one email out but they will receive dozens if not hundreds, depending on how many times you copy and paste there address, of your remove me emails. The emails might not go through, if not you'll get an email stabting undeliverable or something but if they do you'll FLOOD there system.

I got into it with a company once who did the samething, sending unsolicited emails to my work email, so badly the *** who sent them contacted me asking me to stop.

Again might not. Work but give it a shot.

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